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Welcome to the Saint Pascal Pari

Welcome to the Saint Pascal Parish Website

Our parish has served the Northwest side of Chicago since 1914.  Over the years, we
have watched the Portage Park Community grow into a vibrant diverse area, and our liturgies provide worship opportunities in both English and Polish. 

Saint Pascal School is one of the best and most affordable schools you will find in our area.  Our Religious Education Program is family-centered, encouraging study and conversation about the Catholic Faith at home and in monthly gatherings.

Saint Pascal News and Events

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Saint Pascal's Haunted House

Saint Pascal
Thanksgiving Raffle

$10,000 Grand Prize
$25,000 in total prizes! 
44 Chances to win!

Click here for raffle ticket.

Peace & Justice...   Fair Trade

On Thursday, October 30, at 7:00 PM in Room 100, you are invited to Join the Archdiocese of Chicago’s Office for Peace and Justice for a night of reflection, education, and Fair Trade treats, as the Saint Pascal Peace & Justice Committee watches “Connected by Coffee”, a documentary about Fair Trade Coffee.   Click here for additional details.

Feast of All Soul's Day


On Sunday, November 2, we will be celebrating the Feast of All Soul's Day.  On Saturday, November 1 at the 4:00 PM Mass, the Ministry of Consolation will have a special Mass in honor of all those who have passed away during this time.  Click here for additional details.

Let Our Song of Praise Rise Up to You!

This Advent, we will be introducing a new hymnal at Saint Pascal, the latest edition of Gather, a locally published book that is used across the country.    If you would like to dedicate your hymnal with a printed inscription on the inside cover, click here for further details and an order form.   Hymnals can also be sponsored online.

Conversations on Faith
What does it Mean to be Catholic Today?
How do we live our faith?

Exploring the New Testament
Thursday, November 20 at 7:00 PM
St. Robert Bellarmine Church

Each evening is being hosted jointly by St. Robert Bellarmine, Our Lady of Victory and St. Pascal's parishes.  Presenters will include local pastors, deacons and parishioners.   For more information, contact Bill Frere at

Father Paul Rocks at Centennial Gala!

Saint Pascal's 100th Anniversary is now in the history books.  The celebration concluded with Mass followed by a gala dinner dance on September 14th. 
Click here to hear Father Paul rock. 
Click here for pictures of the event.

Saint Vincent de Paul Society Bundle Days

The Saint Pascal Society of Saint Vincent de Paul conducted its annual Autumn Bundle Days on September 20-21.  Thanks to everyone who helped the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul in its mission to help others.  Click here for information on SVDP.

Benefits of Registration at Saint Pascal

Keeping up with a parish of 2000 families can be a challenge!  Saint Pascal also serves many more families who are not registered but who still come to us for pastoral care. It is beneficial for both the parish administration and the individual families to be registered.  Registration is a confirmation of our desire and commitment to give ourselves to God and to one another in our community of faith. Our weekly offering is a prayer expressed through our material gifts received through our labors.

There are many concerns and difficulties that may make some reluctant to make this commitment. Some of the benefits of being registered include: 

You will receive important mailings at Christmas, Easter and other times throughout the year, keeping you up to date on parish news.
Registration is proof of membership in the Church.
Preference of choice of dates for your Church celebrations.
Persons involved in lay ministry should be registered in the parish.
Parishes often request verification of a person’s status as a practicing Catholic, attendance at Mass, etc., when a person has been asked to be a Godparent or sponsor. Without registration, no such verification can be given.
Regular mailings of envelopes for Sunday offerings with name, address, and a number assigned to each registered parishioner printed on each envelope. Your offerings are confidentially recorded by our staff for proof of donations and tax purposes.  Without using envelopes, we cannot verify your donations.

If you would like register, please stop by our parish office and our staff will be happy to assist you.


Daily Readings and Homilies

The Readings and Homilies from the 8:00 AM daily Masses are now online.  Click here to listen

Worship Schedule

Saturday - 4:00 PM
Sunday - 7:30, 9:00,
10:30 AM
Sunday - 12:00 PM
Sunday - 5:30 PM

(Saint Robert Bellarmine)

Monday-Friday - 8:15 AM
Saturday - 8:30 AM

Wednesday - 9:15 AM

Thursday -
8:45 AM - 6:30 PM

Thursday - 6:30 PM

Saturday - 9:00 - 9:30 AM

Monday-Friday -
After 8:15 AM Mass
Saturday -
Before the 8:30 AM Mass

Tuesday -
After 8:15 AM Mass


5 Minutes with Father 
He is:  Father Paul Seaman, Dean of Vicariate 4-A, and pastor of St. Pascal Parish on the North Side after three assignments on the South Side.  Ordained in 1985.   More...


Archdiocese of Chicago Vocation Office


Saint Pascal Parish Family-Centered Catechesis Religious Education Program

If you are looking for ways for your family to explore our Catholic faith, opportunities to share your faith with your children, and chances for your family to share in engaging and creative lessons about the Church and what we believe... then join us as we explore the Sacraments and the Mass.  Click here for registration details.


Saint Pascal Parish Newsletter

Saint Pascal now has a parish newsletter .  If you are interested in receiving news delivered directly to your inbox, click here to subscribe. 


Keep The Cans Coming

Despite the new blue recycling bins around the neighborhood, Saint Pascal appreciates your continued support of our recycling program.  We ask that you continue to drop off your water bottles and cans (either crushed or uncrushed) by the school doors in the Dakin Street breezeway - NOT in Church.

Saint Pascal's Our Faith, Our Future Campaign will be combined with the Annual Catholic Appeal in 2014...  Click here for additional details.